Tree of Life for Animals

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TOLFA is a busy animal hospital and rescue centre in Rajasthan, Northern India. They work to eradicate rabies, rescue and treat injured animals, sterilize street dogs, and more. They’re an integral part of the community, and they’ve received international recognition for their work.

They have rescued more than 25,000 sick & injured stray animals, Spayed/neutered more than 18,500 dogs, and vaccinated more than 22,000 dogs against rabies.

TOLFA’s Calendar will be a great way to generate awareness for their work and help to raise money for their animal shelter and hospital in India. The calendar features images of dogs from around Rajasthan who are living healthy and happy lives because of TOLFA’s incredible work. They added an extra page to their calendar for additional information and to thank their sponsor and photographer, the additional page will be turned around and act as a back cover for the calendar.

Product Ordered:

A4 Portrait Wall Calendar
14 Pages (12 Months plus front and back cover)

Template: Theme 2 (Using The Design Service)
Qty Ordered: x125

Total Price: £325.50