Sam Roffey Portraits

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Sam used to work as a chef, he learned to cook during Sixth Form when working in a golf and conference centre. He continued to cook whilst studying Philosophy at university, but cooking lost it’s appeal in the end. He came to painting later in life, and now he’s hooked.

He is utterly engrossed with faces, or at least painting faces. Such enormous variation that catalogues the subtlest diversity, but all with the same anatomical sub-structure. It’s all about the passion however; the passion of the face cannot be explained by which type of nose, or what colour eyes, the passion hides itself away, untouched.

Sam sent us photos of his artwork on canvas, as part of the Design Service we were able to assemble the photos into his calendar. He added A3 Calendar Envelopes to his order so his calendars can easily be posted to anyone who purchased this calendar of his fantastic artwork of dogs.

Product Ordered:

A3 Portrait Wall Calendar
13 Pages (12 Months plus front cover)

Template: Theme 3
Qty Ordered: x50

Total Price: £274.94

Price includes A3 Calendar Envelopes.