REACCH Autism South West

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REACCH Autism South West is a social enterprise “not for profit” business. There are two key aspects of work carried out by REACCH Autism South West which are REACCH Training & Consultancy and REACCH Forward.

REACCH Training Consultancy delivers a training and consultancy programme across the South West to a range of early years, schools, special schools and specialist provisions as well as college and adult settings. REACCH Forward provides two practical Learning programmes at its farm/nursery base in East Cornwall at Roundabarrow Farm, catering firstly for young people aged 14-19 years and secondly for adults aged 19-30 years.

REACCH Training and REACCH Forward focus on the use of the Structured TEACCHing approach as a positive foundation from which to build autism friendly strategies and structures. Individualised structures and strategies aim to be supportive, yet easy to implement, making them adaptable across a range of contexts.

Their calendar was designed using The Design Service they selected to have a 14th page in their calendar which will be turned around and serve as a back cover to the calendar. They provided us with photos of various flowers to include in the calendar as well as a caption for each photo. Their logo was also placed at the bottom of each month.

Product Ordered:

A4 Portrait Wall Calendar
14 Pages (12 Months plus front and back cover)

Template: Theme 2 (Using The Design Service)
Qty Ordered: x25

Total Price: £159.98