Photography That’s Alive – Naomi Stolow

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Naomi wants to show how incredible nature is: out on the amazing plains of Africa, up on the Tundra lands above the Arctic Circle or while wandering around the hedgerows of South Devon. She studied fine art (photography in the darkroom, sculpture, painting and printmaking), worked as a nursery teacher for 12 years and has spent the last 16 years working both as an online designer and eCommerce manager.

She has won the Wildlife Insight Outdoor Photographer of the Year in 2015 and has been a finalist and shortlisted in many other photography awards. Her photographs have been published in many publications including The Sunday Times and National Geographic Online.

These kaleidoscopes are a true and real-life representation of what Naomi has seen.  Therefore these images have not been edited in any other way apart from choosing a triangle from the image and repeating it around a central point and duplicating the layer until the kaleidoscope or pattern is complete. She enjoys seeing unfamiliar shapes and patterns emerge by surprise from an easily recognised subject. Most of all she loves how these images can encourage the viewer to see – without the constraints of expectation – the intricate patterns of nature in completely different and new ways.

Naomi designed her calendar online using or Free Online Design Service. She added envelopes to her order which she will use to send the calendars out to her customers.

Product Ordered:

A3 Portrait Wall Calendar
13 Pages (12 Months plus front cover)

Template: Theme 8
Qty Ordered: x25

Total Price: £139.74

Price includes A4 Calendar Envelopes