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KS Distribution

KS Distribution was founded in 2005, since then they have made it their mission to bring the best portable audio products to the European market and to look after these brands as if they were their own. Their reputation is built on hard work and commitment to the long term success of the brands in their care. KS Distribution is one of the most committed and enthusiastic distributors in Europe. Their dedicated team of music lovers and technology professionals are fanatical about audio and are focused on bringing the best products to the European market. KS Distribution calendar was...

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An African Dream

An African Dream supports several projects in the Kasese district in Western Uganda. The education of orphans is a key part of the vision of An African Dream, as being orphaned (which may mean the loss of one or both parents) significantly disadvantages children. Education provides them with a good grounding in English and other key subjects.  It also gives them stability and confidence. An African Dream supports orphans through St Mark’s Primary School was set up in 2007 and currently has around 400 pupils, aged between 4-16,  of which 1/3 are orphans.  Through sponsorship AAD provides education, two meals a...

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Children & The Arts

Showcase Interiors wanted to show their support and to raise money for the truly remarkable charity Children & The Art’s. Children & the Arts’ vision is for brighter, healthier, and happier children through the power of an inclusive and accessible arts sector. They aim to achieve this through harnessing the creativity, enjoyment and aspiration of the arts to raise children’s confidence and success through experiences that last. Children & the Arts’ work with arts venues across the UK to reach children in disadvantaged communities and hospices who are missing out on creative and cultural experiences. The ambition of all...

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Stacey Moore Art Gallery

Artist Stacey Moore opened her first gallery in 2016, in her hometown of Hawes, North Yorkshire. The gallery showcases Stacey’s impressive animal coloured pencil drawings. Stacey is a passionate animal lover who combines her art with a touch of humour, her distinctive style is now instantly recognisable. Stacey’s dog Morris never leaves her side and has now taken up residency in the gallery! The gallery is a unique and welcoming place, where you can often watch Stacey drawing on site and give Morris a belly rub. #shopdogmorris Stacey ordered a Booklet Calendar also known as a Saddle Stitch Booklet...

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University of Sheffield Mountaineering Club

The Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team is a fully voluntary organisation which responds to mountain incidents for those in need on Snowdon and the surrounding mountains. The team is on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They rely solely on donations from members of the public to carry out this essential life-saving rescue service. To help raise money for this formidable organisation the University of Sheffield Mountaineering Club roped in their staff and climbers to pose naked (in some precarious positions) to create a naked calendar. The University of Sheffield Mountaineering Club climb and walk their way around...

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