Torquay United Indoor Bowls Club

The Club is open all twelve months of the year, but the bowls programme is reduced during the summer months as many people play for outdoor clubs. With plenty of rink space available during the summer months it is an ideal time to give indoor bowling a try with a view to continuing and getting more involved in the Winter Season which starts in October. Indoor bowls is a very social game providing the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, a game at which ladies play on equal terms with men, and the less able bodied...

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Sam Roffey Portraits

Sam used to work as a chef, he learned to cook during Sixth Form when working in a golf and conference centre. He continued to cook whilst studying Philosophy at university, but cooking lost it’s appeal in the end. He came to painting later in life, and now he’s hooked. He is utterly engrossed with faces, or at least painting faces. Such enormous variation that catalogues the subtlest diversity, but all with the same anatomical sub-structure. It’s all about the passion however; the passion of the face cannot be explained by which type of nose, or what colour eyes,...

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Jenny Aitken Art

Jenny lives in Derbyshire, on the edge of the Peak District, and her studio looks North West towards the peaks. However, her roots are in Alderney, in the Channel Islands, and the sea is in her blood. She works in acrylics and oils, both in the studio and direct from the landscape. “A finished piece, for me, whether abstract or representative, has to be felt as well as seen. I want movement, light and texture. That’s what inspires me in a painting: the portrayal of the experience of a place. ” Jenny ordered a booklet calendar which has 28...

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